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 Studio Hire & Specs 

TV & Film, Location / Performance rehearsals / Workshops

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The Others is available to hire as Studio Space 24/7 

£20 per hour for band rehearsal                         

£30 per hour for performance rehearsal / workshops / filming / photo shoots etc.

All other uses P.O.A.

Discounts are available for regular/block bookings

All equipment listed below is included in the hire fee

Acoustics, Light & Space

The Others has been acoustically treated for an excellent live sound and is used by many musicians for recording as well as TV, film, photographic shoots, theatre and dance.

There is excellent natural light from north and south facing 2.2m high windows running the length of the building, (blackable).

The space (furniture, equipment, lights) can easily be arranged to suit your purpose


17m by 10m by 3m ceiling height.                    

Audio Equipment:

Mixing Desk  Allen and Heath GL2400 4 group, 6 aux, 7×4 matrix console. 

Stereo P.A.                                                 

4 Db.Technology Monitors                                    

6 SM58 1 SM57 Mics and stands, 3 DI boxes, Mackie 12 channel Mixer  


Band Gear:

Kawai Electric mini grand piano.                            

70's Pearl Kit, Bass Drum, kick pedal, floor tom, snare stand, hihat stand and 3 cymbal stands

bass amp - 15″ 120W

guitar amp - Vox AC 30

guitar amp - Roland JC120                                   

guitar amp - H&H spring reverb twin 10″ 100W                

guitar/keyboard amp - Farfisa 100w spring reverb twin 10"                                            

Please note, these amps are for instrument use only, not electric powered, electronics/fx/feedbackloops/etc . You are welcome to bring your own amps.

DJ Equipment:

2 Technics 1210s with Concorde cartridges and a CD player thru a Smac 2 channel dj mixer                          

There are many 'mini jack' leads to plug in laptops, ipods, etc

Digital Projection:

There are 2 digital projectors available, both connected to DVD players.                        

D.P.1 - 1800 lumens. Inputs - Video, VGA for PC Laptops, Firewire 1 & 2 for Macs.

D.P.2 - 1800 lumens. Inputs - Video, VGA for PC Laptops.


There is a main screen 4.5m by 2.8m.                                                                  

The walls are are designed for visuals containing five, 4.5m by 2.2m screens.                

Blue / black / white screen 2.8m wide with 3m drop

Analogue Projection:

2 Kodak 2020 carousel slide projectors with auto rotate timer switches (0-45 secs).      


You are welcome to bring your own slide shows (in their own carousels....) to play during the performance/event. 

Lights with Dimmer Board:

24 Channel Dimmer Board                                        

Prelude 16/30

Strand Brio 18/30

2 Strand 28/40

2 Strand 25/50


12 Track Mounted White and Coloured Spots 50w

4 portable Birdies (mini cans) 50w

Please contact the Studio Manager if you have further questions.

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