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Curating and hosting both emergent and established contemporary art

The Others curates and hosts a diverse range of both emergent and established contemporary art, be it fine art, video art, street art, illustration, sculpture, sound art, photography, installation or mixed media.

We are interested in presenting contemporary art alongside a series of related events, be it salons, talks, performances and screenings, placing audience engagement at the centre of our programming.

We are committed to presenting and supporting excellent works from the fringes of contemporary culture. We are here to represent and champion the others.

We currently represent artists across a variety of disciplines.

Feel free to browse through our past Exhibitions and visit our Artists pages.

We do accept submission of new work to be considered in future exhibitions.

Please use our contact form and select 'Art Gallery Enquiries' as the subject if you are an artist or art collective interested in showcasing work.

If you're interested in buying new contemporary art please note we will set up an online store soon with an exciting roster of artists. Please leave your interest in our contact form for more news.

Nikolai Kozin "Wind"

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