un show artistique, créé et présenté by Anne Pigalle

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of June, midday - 7pm


Following the recent success of her Soho art show Les P'tites Femmes De Soho, Anne Pigalle wants these women to come alive.


Les Madames is a conceptual woman group show event. Real women, women you can meet and talk to, are selling you their wares, their dreams, their fantasies, their ideas of sadness, fun or pleasure. 


In a world of increased misogyny, where successful women are the ones still giving into men fantasies, THE MADAMES offer you just a little bit more by inviting you to come for a risqué or enlightening chat, and for objects of creation and passion.

So during these 2 days, this pop up art show/ sale / event will present women of attitude with theirs own idea of delightful, dreamy, surreal, scary expression of their individuality, in a unusual environment.


* Anne Pigalle is a chanteuse from Paris who has also established herself as a visual artist with her self portraits amerotic polaroids as well as her painting work which mixes an inspiration from Toulouse Lautrec and Basquiat. She will also have a box of Madame Sex hand painted art cds as well as a couple of garments

* Claire Pestaille's work explores historical and contemporary iconography, examining the construction of femininity through the disruption of photographic imagery. These snapshot images containing memories of a past age fulfill a sense of nostalgia, identity and authorship which are transformed and re-imagined through the act of collage and painting. 


* Hanne Kemfor is a London based artist who's subject is 'the human condition'. The figurative work convey the ambiguity of that condition and leaves it to the viewer to decide if it is acceptable of horrific


* Beth Holmes a multimedia artist who works in paint, assemblage, pen & ink, film and virtual reality installations. Her methodology is usually surrealistic by illogical subconsciousness with use of iconographic elements to make a super-reality. Through finding love and creative partnership within a virtual world she has been teleported into a real life in London from the USA where she continues to execute the absurd

* Manon Aquilina is a visual artist and performer based in London. The pieces that she will exhibit explore menstruation and our relationship with this natural process that makes many of us uncomfortable. She uses her own blood and other woman’s. Her aim through this work is to raise awareness on the repression of the feminine in our world and to connect us back to the sacredness and power of it.

* Myriam Lengliné, La dame au béret is a Parisian milliner in London. Her XXIst century hats are for the daring and are infused with the grandeur and style of the bygone eras.

* Bianca Bianco is a burlesque and visual artist, influenced by expressionism, prerephaelites and surealism, her travels around the world and snake charming. Has worked in various mediums including print making, new media, installations and stained glass.