Active Imagination

Welcome to Active Imagination, you are invited into the fantastic minds of five very different, imaginative and inspired artists in their first group showing together in Stoke Newington.

Active Imagination is an exhibition of Illustrative art that focuses on the unconscious mind and its role in contemporary art. The range of art works included in the show are colourful and varied, from large wall hangings to

digital prints. The artists themselves come from a variety of illustrative backgrounds and disciplines form digital art to oil painting.


The event will also feature live music from local bands including The Glassband – a six piece Doom Folk outfit including some of the artists from the show.

TRAMP  - BA ILLUSTRATION at Westminster University.

Since graduating, tramp has gone into a career in commercial artworking and has spent years mastering the tools and techniques that he is now using to bring us his most imaginative,

dark, graphic and dreamlike images. Tramp is displaying a series of digital artworks on canvas. 


Lisa Sara Jenkin's artwork is a conscious dialogue with her unconscious. Lisa has a love of both raw folk art and illustrative art and this is reflected in her painting. Her art has been described as unconscious organic doodling. Lisa is displaying a collection of paintings on canvas and a series of framed prints.

JANE LAURIE - B/A ILLUSTRATION at Falmouth University.

Jane Laurie has a successful career as an illustrator / designer and her artwork has been used for a multitude of advertising campaigns and published books. Jane has a personal bird obsession and has a bird house as well as a house filled with images of birds. She will be displaying a collection of framed prints and drawings that give us just a little taster of her love for all things feathered.

JEN HIGGINSON -  B/A FINE ART and Art in the Community at Middlesex University.

Jen Higginson is a fine artist and teacher. She is a painter that works with colour, texture, language, stencils and graphic lines. her paintings transport you into a feminine place of colour and beauty. Jen will be showing a vast array of paintings on canvas.

SHELLY KNOWLES-DIXON - B/A FINE ART at Falmouth University.

Shelly Knowles-Dixon is a multi-disciplinary artist. She works with paint, illustration and 3d. Shelly has founded and art-directs a London-based theatre company that are currently touring around England. The theme that flows though her art making is the psychological makeup of characters both 'real' and imagined. Shelly is showing a series of portraits and will be unveiling a giant material wall hanging.